In Memory of Mr MD Nurul Islam

Md Nurul Islam was born in a village called Bashailvogh of Srinagar under Munshiganj district of Bangladesh in 6th March 1931. He was brought up in Calcutta as his father was an employee of a British merchant shipping company based in Calcutta. In 1947, he left Calcutta after completion of his higher education and moved in the then East Pakistan where he joined in the Police service. During the liberation war in 1971, he was officer-in-charge of Sherpur thana which is a district now. Secretly he aligned himself with the 'Mukti Bahini' (Liberation Force) and provided strategic information on the movement of occupying Pakistan Army. Being informed ahead, the Mukti Bahini could foil several operations of Pakistani Army and caused significant damage to the arms and ammunition of the occupying forces. But one of his colleagues informed the Pakistan Army about his pro-lib activities due to which he was arrested by occupant Army in early November of 1971. He was taken to the Jamalpur cantonment blindfolded, and was given death sentence by firing squad. Using his sharp intelligence and courage he escaped the firing squad and went on hiding. On 12 December 1971, Sherpur was liberated by the Mukti Bahini and he survived. Mr Islam was a well disciplined, progressive minded, and an honest police officer. Besides, he was a loving husband, responsible father and nature lover; greatly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi he always tried to adopt a plain living. In 1985, Mr Islam died at the age of 55 leaving behind his family, friends and well wishers. His children and grand children excelled their careers both in country and abroad. His daughter Ishrat Sultana partly excels her supports (financial) to the children of Tania Morshed School.