Mighty river in front, huge haor in the back. A few villages in between, where there was no primary school. As a result children of different ages were illiterate.

This children's school is a social enterprise built in memory of late Tania Morshed. At present, more than two hundred children are studying here. Apart from teaching, health and nutrition of these poor children are also being worked on. The school became a shelter for the villagers during the devastating floods of June 2022. Food assistance has been given to the families of 200 students. Cattle fodder has been given to the people of the village for their cattle. Five flood-damaged houses have been rebuilt.

Anyone who is socially responsible can join this initiative voluntarily.

Tania Morshed (1967-2019) graduated in Engineering from BIT Rajshahi and completed her Masters in Computer Science from Santa Clara University, USA. She battled cancer for more than ten years.

But despite her cancer-related suffering, the very humane, progressive Tania remained engaged in the welfare of the people of Bangladesh till her death.

She had been involved in numerous humanitarian initiatives, including construction of houses in Marma Para, deep in Bandarban, and the relief of people affected by the Haor flood in 2017.